Monday, August 24, 2009

Walk the walk

I was so nervous to give the speech at our swearing in and couldn't figure out what the big deal was. I've spoken in public before, but it was different. And not just because I would be delivering it in Spanish, yes my native language, but also a language I've never received formal training for. I was exceptionally nervous. I think I've realized that Peace Corps is probably the most important thing I've done in my life as of yet, and speaking about it was bound to make me emotional and nervous.

Talk about leaving my family in the states. Talk about some of the people I've worked with. In particular my little hero at the shelter for children with disabilities. Writing with his one foot, eating with his one foot and learning to walk with his prosthetic leg. Talk about building the foundation to a home, not just a house but a home. Talk about working and learning with my 35 Peace Corps Peru thirteeners all made tears welt in my eyes and made my voice crack! DAING! I though I could but didn't. After it was over a rush of adrenaline swept over me and the video above was a result of that...

I miss and think about you in the states often, and lament not being part of what your lives are now. BUT look forward in the sharing we will do. I also now miss my thirteeners that are spread throughout various departments (or states) of Peru.

Bueno, hasta pronto.

Oh here is my PO box... please feel free to send chocolate, inn n out, tampons, encouraging messages, or simply good vibrations. (which can be done via telepathy, no postage needed)

PCV Maria Lisette Botello
Casilla Postal No. 277
Serpost Huaraz
Ancash, Peru

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