Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thoughts in the midst of craze...

So. Rundown: 08' Graduate with MA and left to wonder... hmm.. what's next? I'd spent weeks feeling out of place, like I didn't belong and looking to break into something new, philanthropic and exciting-> Peace Corps.

For the sake of time I'll provide the cliff notes. The application took exactly a year, major roadblocks included selling my car, clearing debt, almost getting swindled by a Dentist who gave an estimate of 5,000 that really ended up being 1,000 (thank goodness for honest/good dentist), orthopedic evaluation, obtaining all medical records for the past year, strengthening knee enough to get by, not to mention losing of my records and request by some entities. Getting a second job at a homeless shelter to pay for unexpected costs. It's been long, it's been hard, but it's been done.

March 30th my dad called me, keep in mind that mom and dad... well needless to say they had not been very happy or excited on me doing this. So I pick up the phone while at work and he says, the fedex man just came, with a packet would you like for me to open it? I crawl into an empty office and stare out at the Downtown LA setting, with cars whizzing by and people everywhere. I say yes yes yes. He then becomes very quiet.. Dad? Dad? are you there? For a second I thought he might accidentally drop my packet into the blender (if you knew pops you'd know he'd never do that). But with a tone difficult to describe as anything but filled with fear and pride... he spit out a "you're going to Peru. " I'll never forget that. I received my invitation to serve in PERU, finally, from August 09 to August 11, with training starting in June. So if all goes well I depart for Peru at the beginning of June.