Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The first week and a half at site has been rather interesting, with
plenty of time for reflection. Admittedly the first week was at best
one of the most difficult weeks of, well, perhaps my life. A trying
period for me, I was indecisive, scared, lonely and confused. I kept
telling myself that perhaps I was not meant to be in the Peace Corps.
Perhaps I wasn’t strong enough.

When I was still in LA I attended a Peace Corps event with a bunch of
RPVC (returned peace corps volunteers), a friend of mine accompanied
me. There I had an interesting conversation with a man who’s probably
forgotten my name and face. But I still remember him telling me to
enjoy every moment of my experience and that when I came out of it,
that everything I went through will have scrapped against my conscious
until leaving it smooth, and that I would never be the same. I
remember that starry night at the rooftop of one of LA’s skyscrapers
well. I kept holding on to that memory last week, to no avail. It’s
hard being from home from its familiarity and its sense of freedom. I
however am able to count on an incredible support system composed of
family, friends (near and far) and even some PC staff. And I realized
that strength can come from the most unlikely places and even when you
feel there’s nothing left, it’s just time to stop, listen to the
birds, the wind through the leaves, the rapid beat of the
hummingbird’s wings or whatever may be around and find the strength
you thought was lost.

For now I will continue to try. My work will be mostly with the
municipality (city hall), school, health post and some youth. Some
things I’m thinking include gathering of donations and job fair school
fair adaptation that may look nothing like a fair but would encourage
educational advancement as well as some other stuff…

Don't think that life out here is somber, it is good and I am learning
tons. For example some Peace Corps Volunteers have decided that
instead of having the slogan Life is calling, how far will you go?...
it should be Life is calling... bring your PH (papel hygenico/toilet

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