Sunday, August 2, 2009


It's funny how pictures hold stories, like secretes embedded in the colors. They remind of us a time past, introduce us to a new land, allow for us to share, or revive long forget sentiments. But for all, I am grateful.

Tomorrow I leave to visit my site, in the department of Anca$h, Peru. Site assignment was a bit over a week ago, we were all anxious to find out where we would be for (hopefully) the next two years of our life. Our names and assignments were put on flags of boats that drifted along the pool. One by one we unfurled our flags and discovered our fates.
Anca$h holds two mountain ranges, the Black mountain range and the White mountain range. It is also home to Huascaran the highest mountain in all of Peru and the second highest in all of the Americas at approximately 6,700 meters 20,540 feet. I will be living at altitudes close to those from which I sky dived a couple of years back. And although I will avoid swimming in the glaciar lakes, I look forward to living in one of the most beautiful places out there. The temperature is suppose to be about 12 degrees celsius during the day and 0 degrees during the night. Ohoho. My community consist of approximately 2,500 people and I will be working with the health post, schools and municipality. Along with other places that may come about during the next two years.
(<--- all over the place)

I will come back in a week or so with pictures and hopefully some fun stuff. Also if there is something anyone would like to know just shoot me a line... I miss all of you in the states and but cherish what I'm doing and look forward to coming back a bit more educated, a bit more worldly and a bit more tan ;-)

Last thought... I'm going to be living in the Andes Mountains... :-o... I still can't get over it

Andean girl in the making...

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