Monday, June 29, 2009


Did you know "humor" is spelled the same in English and Spanish? And let me tell you humor its self is often universal...

Example one:

My host grandmother had been knitting, as she often does, in her seat in front of the television which is adjacent to another seat. She decided to get to bed and said goodnight.

Later, my host brother is attempting to show me how to understand something. I then decide to plop, not sit, not slowly recline, not even place myself gracefully next to him, but: plop. I immediately felt the needle being used just minutes before stab me in the ... well in the buttocks. I immediately jump what I estimate to be about 5 feet above ground and scream. My host family stares at me attentively, then dare to ask "que pasa" what is it? I then reach for the needle that is about 4 inches long, and pull, um no such luck, it's stuck. It didn't break skin but it was lodge in my chonies and jeans. It had a hook at the end so it was rather difficult to pull out. I pull one more time... and YES! its out. I could barely contain my laughter. My host fam. also began to crack up.

Example 2: A couple of PC volunteers and I were going to host a youth group in my community. We decide to head in to town. I say oh we can catch the Combi (bus) at the corner. We get to the corner and I hail a combi... stick my hand out and waive 'em down, there are no bus stops here. I jump on and PC volunteer #2 jumps on and I can see #3 not getting on. I start yelling #3 get on get on but #3 doesn't notice me. The oh so kind Combi driver takes off and as I look through the back window #3 continues to look down the street. MY BAD! I start to yell let me off, let me off. #2 and I get off and at that moment #3 notices us getting off the combi about a quarter of a mile down. I guess #3 thought we had to cross the street to catch the combi, again my bad... The combi people were not pleased and took off but all we could do was laugh histarically. I nearly peed my pants. We did the youth group amidst chaos caused by two stray dogs that insisted on being in the center of our circle. But we pulled it off. I heart PCT's 2 and 3. They made my day.

Things I've learned in Peru:

Piranas: Group of youth usually teens that come in groups and strip a person of all their valuables. The person they take everything from can be on foot or in a car. Usually occurs in a matter of seconds.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey Gringa

So things in Lima are interesante.

Thoughts race through my mind as I walk up the mountain to my new home. Ah, burn, feel the burn. My calfs start to feel the heat from the steep hill. Ok, ok, a quarter of the way there. Hola! Buenas tardes... the guard at the front of the community stares at me and nods but doesn't reply. The silence encourages my mind to travel to the past and relive memories from long ago. I can almost hear the laughs and feel the tears. The silence cuts through the train of thought bringing me back to the moment, one, two, three.. five... seven dogs I've counted so far and I'm not even home yet. My house nestled above the clouds, I can start to feel the temperature changing with every step I take. Some kids off to the side are sitting on skateboards zooming down faster than I can run. Horn. and ah burn again, my thighs. Ok ok, half way through. Three months it's just for three months. The sierra is my back yard, dry, no vegetation like giant rocks craddling the community. Time to cross the bridge, at least this one's sturdy, no crackling under me. Beads of sweat, one, two, now down my back. I see it, I see the blue, maybe 5 more minutes. Ha, I remember the beach, how did I hop to the karoake place so quickly, the train, the restaurant, the party, oh I remeber that kiss, I feel the rush, the butterflies. Oh burn, ok, this time calf and thigh. Sigh. Finally, I'm home.

Story: 3 soles, yea. 3 soles for the trip. But it's only 1 sole? No, no it's 3. I'll give you 1.5 soles. My coparter was charged 3 times what a peruvian is charged for a bus ride. I paid 1 sole... yay for brown hair. As long as I don't speak they don't know I'm gringa.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trust your instincts.

Saludos a todos from Peru. I’ve been in Peru all but a week and it already feels like it’s been ages since I’ve arrived. Currently we’re all in training. I’ve been placed in the advanced Spanish group sooo, rather than taking Spanish classes I’ll be working on my first mini project to be completed within the next couple of weeks.

The public transportation in Peru is a trip. Say it with me Co-m-bi. Yes that’s it. A combi is an oversized van used as a bus, they go fast, charge you differently depending on the person charging, unless you stand your ground. It’s a completely different rhythm of life, and I’m trying to trust my instincts and dance to my own beat.

Also, there are a couple of things going on in Peru at the moment, so, if you hear anything don’t worry I’m hours and hours away from the danger. All is well, my host family, and the PC are taking good care of me.

Anecdote: After coming up about a mile and a quarter stretch that goes up hill I finally arrived to my house, I sit on the sofa trying to catch my breath. Whoo. My host mom comes up to me and ask if I’m feeling well, I explain that I am just a bit winded. She gets closer and closer her face a couple inches away from mine. I am extremely confused at that moment, I stare at her and then click. She wants a hello kiss on the cheek. When you walk into any room with people you know you are to greet, ask how they are doing and kiss on the cheek. I guess my winded American mind forgot. It was hilarious.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

In peru

Hola a todos... i am here... PERU.

ive seen a llama and weve started the training... i am well and emotions are running wild, like most other things. I am tired from days and days of crazyness... im off to bed but maybe next time ill have something... no se mas interesante.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Me voy.

I'm almost done packing. It's been a challenge all on it's own to pack. Take this out, that doesn't fit, leave the tiger slippers at home, take the extra pair of socks, leave the friends, take the pictures, leave the family take that LED flashlight.

I'm racking my brain trying to find something witty to say about this whole thing. I have nothing, I'm tired. I'm nervous but oh so excited.