Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey Gringa

So things in Lima are interesante.

Thoughts race through my mind as I walk up the mountain to my new home. Ah, burn, feel the burn. My calfs start to feel the heat from the steep hill. Ok, ok, a quarter of the way there. Hola! Buenas tardes... the guard at the front of the community stares at me and nods but doesn't reply. The silence encourages my mind to travel to the past and relive memories from long ago. I can almost hear the laughs and feel the tears. The silence cuts through the train of thought bringing me back to the moment, one, two, three.. five... seven dogs I've counted so far and I'm not even home yet. My house nestled above the clouds, I can start to feel the temperature changing with every step I take. Some kids off to the side are sitting on skateboards zooming down faster than I can run. Horn. and ah burn again, my thighs. Ok ok, half way through. Three months it's just for three months. The sierra is my back yard, dry, no vegetation like giant rocks craddling the community. Time to cross the bridge, at least this one's sturdy, no crackling under me. Beads of sweat, one, two, now down my back. I see it, I see the blue, maybe 5 more minutes. Ha, I remember the beach, how did I hop to the karoake place so quickly, the train, the restaurant, the party, oh I remeber that kiss, I feel the rush, the butterflies. Oh burn, ok, this time calf and thigh. Sigh. Finally, I'm home.

Story: 3 soles, yea. 3 soles for the trip. But it's only 1 sole? No, no it's 3. I'll give you 1.5 soles. My coparter was charged 3 times what a peruvian is charged for a bus ride. I paid 1 sole... yay for brown hair. As long as I don't speak they don't know I'm gringa.


  1. sweeet!!!! cuando regreses vas a regresar bien entrenada te voy a poner a correr maratones.

  2. Mrs. S says: Well with all that hill walking you be able to run the marathon when you get back! got your email, Soooo glad to hear from you, i miss you and hope everything is going well. don't forget your manners forgeting to give your host mom a kiss, shame! lol