Monday, June 29, 2009


Did you know "humor" is spelled the same in English and Spanish? And let me tell you humor its self is often universal...

Example one:

My host grandmother had been knitting, as she often does, in her seat in front of the television which is adjacent to another seat. She decided to get to bed and said goodnight.

Later, my host brother is attempting to show me how to understand something. I then decide to plop, not sit, not slowly recline, not even place myself gracefully next to him, but: plop. I immediately felt the needle being used just minutes before stab me in the ... well in the buttocks. I immediately jump what I estimate to be about 5 feet above ground and scream. My host family stares at me attentively, then dare to ask "que pasa" what is it? I then reach for the needle that is about 4 inches long, and pull, um no such luck, it's stuck. It didn't break skin but it was lodge in my chonies and jeans. It had a hook at the end so it was rather difficult to pull out. I pull one more time... and YES! its out. I could barely contain my laughter. My host fam. also began to crack up.

Example 2: A couple of PC volunteers and I were going to host a youth group in my community. We decide to head in to town. I say oh we can catch the Combi (bus) at the corner. We get to the corner and I hail a combi... stick my hand out and waive 'em down, there are no bus stops here. I jump on and PC volunteer #2 jumps on and I can see #3 not getting on. I start yelling #3 get on get on but #3 doesn't notice me. The oh so kind Combi driver takes off and as I look through the back window #3 continues to look down the street. MY BAD! I start to yell let me off, let me off. #2 and I get off and at that moment #3 notices us getting off the combi about a quarter of a mile down. I guess #3 thought we had to cross the street to catch the combi, again my bad... The combi people were not pleased and took off but all we could do was laugh histarically. I nearly peed my pants. We did the youth group amidst chaos caused by two stray dogs that insisted on being in the center of our circle. But we pulled it off. I heart PCT's 2 and 3. They made my day.

Things I've learned in Peru:

Piranas: Group of youth usually teens that come in groups and strip a person of all their valuables. The person they take everything from can be on foot or in a car. Usually occurs in a matter of seconds.


  1. ouch!the needle...eso si que hubiese sido are having fun down there, aren't you? I'm glad!!

  2. i guess you wont be ploping anymore! Watch out for the piranas!

  3. that view you had at the FBT was spectacular!