Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"No matter where I was, my compass pointed [north]. I ... always know what time it was in California..." Fitch, adapted for moi.

October will be my fifth month in Peru, but I still know what time it is in Cali. I assume I always will. A lot has happened since my last entry and have even joked with a friend that perhaps a short book should be started. I have enough titles for chapters including:

Incan gods in Jesus' house- from my trip to the wood sculpting sector of the parish that concentrated on traditional Andean artifacts.

Cold, sticky yet refreshing- our PC experience with food, and the PC experience overall.

Irony- on not being able to teach a class on respect because the children would not be quiet long enough to listen.

Ode to the dirt rode (Em)- on my trip up a mountain, seeing the most beautiful sight in all of my life and having an epiphany (inquire within for further detail). Huascaran- highest mountain in Peru, second highest in the Americas.

Parasites or Bacteria, the lesser of the two evils- on my experience at site for the first month, and my host mothers comments on me looking like a stick. I almost asked her to repeat that so I could record, I've never heard that before.

It's raining plaster- communication, or mis-communication.

Reading thicker books, they last longer and make better pillows (Coelho)- my refuge in the world of literature, the warmth of covers and the friend that never leaves.

Square pegs in triangular holes- on culture clash and integration.

I should stop too much writing makes others fall asleep. I'm taking submissions for suggested title, entries must be witty and yes, still apply to my life...

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